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We may not be the closest dealer to you. We might not even be the lowest priced dealer you can find. In fact, we might not even have everything you want in stock (but we might!). Frankly, we don’t expect just anyone to do business with us.

So why would you choose Illowa Marine for your next hunting, fishing, or pontoon boat?

First: We are not a mega dealer, nor do we intend on being one. We are a small dealership in eastern Iowa that focuses specifically on the needs of the hunting and fishing enthusiast. At Illowa, you won’t have to wade through a showroom full of thirty-foot Bajas or wave runners. Our focus is on what we know best. With thirty years experience in the hunting and fishing market, it simply comes down to this: We are sportsmen just like you.

Meeting the Needs of Today's Sportsmen

We believe that sportsmen expect a lot from the equipment they invest in. We don’t sell low cost products and we don't sell product lines with the greatest dealer margins. Instead, we commit ourselves to finding, testing, and offering high quality products in a variety of price ranges that meet the ever-changing needs of today’s sportsmen.

We offer lines that are time proven and innovative to the hunting, fishing, and marine markets. We stock a full range of Phowler boats for the customer who wants to get a boat in the water today. For the customer with more specific needs, we custom order boats with every conceivable option.

At Illowa, we don't try to roll inventory as quickly as possible with any product we can get in volume. We buy each boat and new-market motor and run them ourselves, extensively, before ever considering offering the product to the public. Testing every product we sell is something we believe we owe our customers. When we offer suggestions on boat and motor options, we offer knowledge based on first hand experience: We have run the product and we know what it will or won’t do.

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